Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Railways look up to pantry car plan

29, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: With the fresh notice the railway passengers will not get short weighed food packets as the pantry car staff will be equipped with the weight machine. This change brings new preparation but there seems to be no promise of change in the existing situation. When the short-weighing has not been completely obliterated in the supply of the LPG cylinder, it is definitely no certainty of the perfection in food packet weight in the running trains. Just as the gas agency equips its delivery man to carry the spring weighing tool so as the pantry car staff will carry the tool for the passengers’ satisfaction.

Despite the essential condition of the weight tool, the gas agency delivery man shuns keeping the instrument. At the time of delivery the LPG cylinder, he seldom weighs the cylinder and only shows his deftness in assuring the customer of full weight. On the consumers’ complaint, he repeatedly assures them of accuracy but does not feel the necessity of weighing the cylinder. The drawback is that he does not carry the necessary short machine. His words defy customers’ right to secure the cylinder accurate weight. The LPG customers are never finding a satisfactory deal. It is being assumed something like that could happen with the railways’ provision in the food packet weight.

The railways’ passengers primarily expect better quality food during their journey. This is the main sphere where the railways should give more attention to. The rate is continuously increasing but the quality is not improving in that proportion as the passengers regularly complain. This is what has even been exposed by the competent audit authorities too in recent months. It is only after that the pantry car suppliers are being put on pressure. The continuity should not be lessened otherwise passengers’ expectations will not be fulfilled.      ail