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Railway police officer gets injured while trying to help an old couple

01, Mar 2013 By Anil Sharma

Muzaffarnagar: In a shocking incident today afternoon, a railway police officer got critically injured while trying to help an old couple. The sub-inspector named Suresh, fell off a running train when he was trying to push the old couple off the train. The police officer was admitted to the local hospital immediately after the accident.

“Saheb was trying to help the old couple get off the train because they mistakenly boarded the wrong train. He tried to throw them out of the train so that they could board the right train and reach the right destination,” eyewitness constable Ramesh told Faking News, “First, we interrogated the couple which was required as per our rules, but it took too much time and the train gathered speed, so we decided to push them out, and Saheb fell down in the process.”

“Just when I was pouring some milk in the water tank, I saw a policeman falling down from the running train.” Another eyewitness, a tea stall owner, named Lallu Yadav, confirmed.

“Me and my wife Anita, we were going to Lucknow to attend a wedding ceremony but mistakenly we boarded the wrong train which was going to New Delhi. The police officer tried to push me out but he slipped on a banana pill which was thrown there by the coach attendant and fell off.” Said the old man named Ramkumar.

“We decided to travel by a train because the problem with the buswalas is that you don’t understand a word they speak and you need a lion’s heart to ask them twice. So, I tried to book the train tickets online. But after several unsuccessful attempts I gave up. Then, I visited the railway station where the government official, who was busy playing solitaire on his computer, refused to help me after making me fill the reservation form thrice,” Ramkumar explained it all.

“Today, I managed to get the general tickets after queuing for 3 hours. But by mistake we boarded the wrong train and this whole thing happened.” Rajkumar went on to add.

“When we entered in the train, the police officer was teasing a female journalist who was there covering a story on the Rail Budget 2013. We asked him to stop. He abused us and checked our tickets. He tried to throw us out of the train as soon as he realized that we were in the wrong train but slumped in the hassle.” Rajkumar’s wife Anita told our reporter.

Faking News also contacted with the railway police commissioner, who told us that a FIR has been lodged against the old couple under section 307 for attempting a murder.

“We will soon issue an arrest warrant. This will be the first time railway police will arrest someone for committing a crime.” The commissioner stated grinning.

“The female journalist is also to be blamed as well; she provoked the inspector by wearing a shirt which had PRESS written on it which actually caused the accident. Too much of professionalism can screw you sometime.” The commissioner concluded.