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Rahul's snub to Raghuram Rajan: Rate increase was a nonsense

04, Feb 2014 By Kannan

In a repeated show of guts and guffaw, future Prime Minister of India, has expressed his displeasure over the recent rate hike by RBI.

When Manish Tewari was explaining about the morphed CD of another spokesman of Congress to some of his close associates in his room in a private conversation, considering that as a regular press conference, Rahul broke open the glass door and entered. Seeing the Shehazada in the Shehenshah attitude, one of the reporter instantly pressed the start button of his camera that recorded even the broken glass pieces piercing even the thick skin of Manish Tewari.

Seasoned he was, Manish recovered immediately and exclaimed, “See, all of you were considering me as thick skinned. But it is not so. Now, the two drops of blood are proof that I am still a sort of regular human being”. Irritated on such out of context talk, Rahul pulled up his sleeves and banged on the table breaking three masala papads that were on the offer to the reporters as snacks. Unperturbed by the shock he already caused, Rahul thrust his face closer to Manish’s and roares, “Then, what the hell you were doing in the last one and half decade? See Diggy uncle and learn something”.

He then turned towards the reporters and asked one of them, “Has your EMI on home loan got affected by the decision of RBI”? Before the reporter reply, he continued,”It was nonsense. Simple nonsense. Inflation is going to come down in three weeks and now RBI increases rates spoiling the image of our Government”.

When one reporter asked how the inflation will be coming down in three weeks, he pulled a chair and explained, “See Bhaiyya, this Manish never briefs you people thoroughly. Only in the afternoon, Chidu uncle informed us that funds for next elections were already collected and we will reduce the prices of vegetables and pulses from next week. Black money made from smuggled gold itself was double than the target. Even Sharad uncle confirmed about the finance preparedness for the elections. Mummu will be informing CEC to declare elections, immediately after the inflation is under control,” He sighed.

Pointing to the bewildered Manish Tewari he told the reporter, “Bhaiyya, what I can do with such spokesman who miss the main thing in the press conference? He talks everything else, but not inflation control. When we reduce the prices, we get all the votes. Especially of the women. And this will be the first step towards women’s empowerment.”

Sensing himself slipping into interview mode, Rahul got up and ordered Manish, “Tell Rajan to roll back the rates of …whatever they were”.

He dashed out of the room and the room was reverberating in silence. Rahul returned again through the frame of glass door and requested reporters, “Bhaiyya, please, delete the word NONSENSE, when you report this. Thanx”.