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Rahul Gandhi retorts to Bilawal's comment, says he will take every inch of Hyderabad back from Pakistan

21, Sep 2014 By geesundar

Delhi. Just hours after Bilawal Bhutto’s comments on taking Kashmir back from India, Rahul Gandhi his counterpart from India retorted, challenging to take every inch of Hyderabad back from Pakistan.

Rahul Gandhi Sleeves
“Beware Pakistan”

“It comes as a shock to me to realise Pakistan has a stake in Hyderabad. I was checking out Cricinfo today and realised Pakistan T20 league has a team named Hyderabad Hawks and then found out Hyderabad shown in Pakistan’s map as well. This clearly shows that, after Kashmir in the north, now they want stake in our southern land of Hyderabad,” said an infuriated Rahul Gandhi.

“Already Hyderabad is shared by two states -Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, now Pakistan wants a stake in Hyderabad as well. I assure the people of Hyderabad that I will empower them in their fight to take every inch of Hyderabad back from Pakistan. Our PM and the BJP are busy focussing on Kashmir, that they have totally forgotten about the plight of the people of Hyderabad,” adds, India’s Bilawal Bhutto.

Rahul Gandhi further added that post his fight for Hyderabad, he will fight and get back Punjab as well from Pakistan.