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Rahul Gandhi proposes new time zones for India

19, Mar 2014 By fakedcrusader

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been reported to draw up a proposal that will see India has at least five time-zones.

The world’s largest democracy currently has only one, but if the young scion of the Gandhi family has his way, it will soon have North, East, West, South, and Central time-zones.

Rahul Gandhi
“Five zones”

This election campaign has opened my eyes to many issues and almost all of them have been connected with the local environment.” says Gandhi. “Having traveled extensively, I observed that many hard-working citizens who go to bed at night end up waking at night in the morning..er..end up waking in the morning at night. Anyway, you get the picture. I have thought long and short and hard and soft about this and decided that the only way to get around this issue is to have one time-zone for each zone in the country. That way, our national productivity will increase and reproductivity will decrease since no one will know what is the best time to, well, plan for a family.”

Senior Congress leaders were reported to be very impressed with this idea as it would help them make inroads in those constituencies where rival parties have a strong-hold.

The scientific community is also taking strong notice of this proposal, as all time-zones thus far were marked in terms of longitude but Gandhi’s proposal now requests that latitudes be taken into account as well. Considering the universally acknowledged variance of the Indian Standard Time, the citizens of the country would likely welcome this change.

Representatives from Bharatiya Janata Party and Aam Aadmi Party were unavailable for comment, since they were not sure what would be the best time to respond.