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Rahul Gandhi conferred the title of 'Living Martyr'

09, Aug 2013 By trishanku

Taking suo-moto cognizance of the recent revelation made by Mr Valmiki, a secretary of the AICC, regarding the great sacrifice made by Shri Rahul Gandhi for the sake of the nation, the All India Freedom Fighters Association has decided to confer on him the title of ‘Living Martyr’.

Rahul Gandhi
Anything for country.

The ninety six year old President of the association, Shri Swatantra Kumar, was greatly moved when the young AICC secretary, Mr Valmiki, narrated in detail the reasons explaining how Shri Rahul Gandhi had sacrificed conjugal bliss for the sake of stopping dynastic rule and ushering in the real democracy in the country. ‘Even the rishi-munis of this great country married and had children, but Shri Rahul Gandhi has sacrificed all these pleasures for the sake of the nation’ he added to a great applause from all the special invitees to the meeting.

The suggestion to confer the title was then put to vote and approved unanimously by all the three members present in the meeting. The ten special invitees were observers of this great moment in the history of the nation.

BJP spokesperson took it as a insipid ‘joke’. ‘It is an insult to the martyrs who sacrificed their life for the nation’ she added. The congress general secretary retorted: ‘Since the children of most of the senior BJP leaders are in congress party, how they can appreciate the sacrifice of stopping dynastic rule?’ The CPM leader welcomed the end of dynastic rule, but cautioned that conferring such a title could lead to lobbying for the same by many other equally eligible politicians. RJD chief refused to give any comments.