Friday, 20th April, 2018

Rahul Gandhi bought jacket in online sale with 99% discount: Congress

05, Feb 2018 By AdityaSachan

While BJP and Congress fight over the Burberry jacket worn by Congress President Rahul Gandhi which was claimed to be priced at +60,000 INR. The Congress fought back the ‘suit-boot’ blames with new strategy.

If rumors are believed, it is claimed that Rahul Gandhi has bought the expensive jacket during amazing 99% off deal and hence the cost of jacket is only 600 INR.

"Politics is now in my jacket as well"
“Politics is now in my jacket as well”

‘Yes, it might be true. You see what is impossible for common man is easy for our supreme leader. He always looks for best online deals for shopping. The famous ‘torn-kurta’ last year in January was also bought by him in online deal. But as it often happens in online shopping, he got a bad product and could not get his refund back. So he ended up wearing it.

Since then he was determined to get best deal and product and focused on all upcoming online sales. FIinally he bought this expensive jacket’, said Congress supporter.

“What is this? Last year he worn torn-Kurta and everyone accused Shri Rahul Ji. This year he bought expensive jacket and again you are accusing him. Shri Rahul Ji decided last year to wear best branded cloth next time after his insult. And just because he got best online deal and no one else, everyone is doubting it. He has dedicated team to do shopping for him and they find best deals”, said another supporter.

We will continue our efforts to get more information on this amazing 99% discount deal. However many said, it is impossible for commoners.