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Rahul Gandhi appointed as Lokayukta of Gujarat

09, Aug 2013 By nandakumar

In a day of fast paced developments and unusual turn of events, Shri.Rahul Gandhi was appointed Lokayukta of Gujarat. Soon after being sworn in as the Lokayukta, Mr.Gandhi, drove down to the Sabarmati Ashram, declaring that it would serve as his residence and office for the following reasons:

a)The place already displays the name Gandhi prominently and there would be no need to spend a few crores for a new name board.

b)The Sabarmati river front reminds him of Spain,Venice and Thames river and he would be contended with it in the present state of his mind.

Next day he rolled up his sleeves and went on a raid to Jasuben Pizza outlet and ordered it to be closed down because they were violating Italian pizza rights. The Gujarati pizza was non inclusive since they served only vegetarian toppings and excluded chicken, meat etc. The Pizzas were priced more than Rs.12, in violation of the Babbar formula.

He also spoke to the Home Minister saying that because of his ‘Z’ category status, he was not able to conduct surprise raids because his commandos had to visit the place ahead of him to ‘secure’ and ‘sanitize’ it. This tipped off the “raidees” and allowed them to clean up their act and escape well before he arrived.

After reviewing this with the NIA, NDMA and the ARMY, the Home Minister spoke to the Defence Minister who, in turn spoke to the Director of Defence Production and ordered him to manufacture RSS uniforms for Rahuls Security guards. Dressed in RSS uniforms they will not attract any suspicion when they go on raids and if the raids flop, Dig Vijay and Manish will readily blame the RSS for the failure.