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Rahul Gandhi and Bilawal Bhutto the most intelligent Asians; IQ test reveals

28, Sep 2014 By SS

After a series of controversies regarding the statement given by the ‘Prince’ of Pakistan on the Kashmir Valley, a latest CIA IQ study yesterday revealed that the National Asset of India and the ‘Prince’ of Pakistan are jointly the most intelligent Asians. Two CIA officers confirmed this high profile news and told our reporters: “It was quite astonishing to find out that both the Senior Leaders of the respective nations were equally intelligent.”

The authorities further said : “The IQ level of these two intelligent people was much more than renowned scientists like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton and they also defeated modern geniuses like Stephen Hawkins and Peter Higgs in their intelligence.” This research attracted many world organisations like Guinness World Records. The officials of Guinness World Records said: “We will do further research on this study as we believe that these two gentlemen are not only the most intelligent Asians, but they could also turn out to be the most intelligent humans in the world.”

This has given a new debate topic to Arnab Goswami for his show News Hour where he will debate on : Is it right to underestimate the intelligence of these two gentlemen by stating them only the most intelligent Asians even after Guinness World Records believes them to be the most intelligent humans? Isn’t it a new conspiracy by American agency CIA? The live telecast of this IQ study can be watched on Pogo and Times Now tomorrow.