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Rahul chhaap pizza to save economy

03, Dec 2013 By anjumskhan

After receiving accolades from various circles across the globe for their heroics in Indian economy, PM / Chidu are now very angry from Bookish Namo comments.

So, they have decided to go practical and start Pappu Pizza service to make economy back to practical from bookish. They will make sure that this pizza should be available in 1/- pouches to make FPA govt easily accessible.  And they think that this will also help them to truly realize their much anticipated food bill. Those who can’t afford kaandhaa , laal phal can rely on Pappu Pizza which will be multi-million times cheap.

Aam admi can’t afford kaandhaa and laal phal so best way to dump them is through these NamoNize Rahul Chaap Pizzaa. FPA is under pressure from gawars to rise prices and also find consumers for these GOLDEN onions and tomatoes. So, this will also please gawar and they can then focus on further raising the prices of bhindi, lauki, kadduu, gilki, namak ho pawar ka pawar namak.

“Lal raseele tamatraon se hota ye tayyar, Acchaa waalaa kaandhaa daala ismen khayo baar baar. Pappu pizza baar baar lagatar.”