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Racist librarian keeps all black books in a dirty shelf, gets awarded a car for the act

21, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Snehal Mishra, the 35 year old librarian of Pintu Library Pune has been accused of being racist after a man found his attitude towards Black Covered books discriminating.

Akshay Giri who reported the irregularities in book keeping style of Snehal noticed that all books with black cover were kept in a dank and dirty shelf while bright covered books got a preferential treatment. Giri’s doubt was confirmed when he noticed all black hairs of Mr. Mishra’s beard been ruthlessly shaved off his face.

Alarmed by the situation, Giri promptly notified the management officials about the apartheid but they too were indifferent. Left with no other choice, Akshay sought the help of local anti-racism activists. As a gesture of protest against horrendous act of discrimination, the actvists appealed the public to adopt at least one black covered book from the library.

With an astronomical number of people pouring in to buy black covered books, all such books of library were exhausted within an hour. With people refusing to leave without adopting at least one black covered book, library management started selling off their random colored books after painting them black. Library is said to have recorded a seven digit sale in a single day.

In an unprecedented event, the allegedly racist Mr Mishra was awarded a black colored Honda City as a token of thanks by the library. Mishra is also eyeing a promotion in near future. After looking at the positive effect of racist attitude, other libraries too have started subjecting black colored books to inhumane conditions.