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Putin becomes first user of Facebook’s Messenger; calls up MMS; Singh disconnects

22, Mar 2014 By Sudhanshu Chopra

Tuesday saw Vladimir Putin log in to his Facebook profile and become the first user of the social networking giant’s latest Messenger App. The event was significant for India as well since the Russian President had no second thoughts on who he would be calling-up from his Friends list.

Soon the South Block received a ping from Kremlin, only to greet it with a silent treatment, when Putin allegedly conveyed his dismay at not being able to wish MMS a Happy Holi on time. A ‘belated Happy Holi’ salvo from Putin that followed soon after only made things worse, with Singh threatening to go offline if the Russian President kept insinuating and hurting him by being condescending.

Apparently Vladimir seemed helpless in defending himself when Singh accused him of not liking any of the Holi Pics he had posted on Facebook, not even the ones in which he had tagged Putin separately from Obama. This Holi, Singh continued, was special to him since it was his last with Sonia ji. Sensing an emotional outburst, very unlikely of a laconic, in fact a mute leader like Singh, Putin hastily played the Crimea card, saying he was busy building up his forefathers’ broken kingdom. The argument only drew flak from the Indian Prime Minister who retorted that no Crimea could overshadow the good times they’ve had in the past over chai and Cremica cashew cookies.

“Um did you just mention Modi?” Putin asked. This proved to be the last straw in camel’s back. Singh disconnected soon after.