Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

UP purifying its land from Romeos

20, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Protecting the honour of women is the priority of the UP government that is why it has formed Woman Protection Force (Nari Suraksha Bal) and this will purify its soil from Romeos. Wrong branding led to the naming of this police force. The old wine comes with the fresh flavour. What a fair shift from earlier pledge! It has been proved within nearly eight weeks how redundant is the moral policing. The previous squad was not pro-Juliet even.

By its very name, it looks serious law enforcing police. The love-birds will be dealt strongly with renewed intensity. This force will definitely discipline eve-teasers and molesters within the purview of defined law. Some of us might say it influenced by rigid social pecking order. Along with this, it is also a direct bout on right to romance or freedom of youngsters. But don’t they realise it can also be a right approach to containing the lovers drifting from the principled way? ‘What Romeo did in Italy and Majnu in Persia is being corrected in this most populous land’, remarked a foppish youth.

However, with the creation of this squad in the state of Uttar Pradesh, there seem to have been imposed a certain level of control on the lovers using secluded corners or lonely spots or locations without paying any fee to the civic bodies. The pairs will be forced to think twice or thrice of going to the parks, malls, schools, ghats and other isolated places owing to imposition of the fresh restraint. They will now under be the constant fear of the moral science instructors. Undeniably a blue-coloured police waggon known as Majnu Pijdra will be in motion for nabbing those indulging in some kind of overt frankness.

Just as smoking and tobacco chewing are extremely harmful at the public places, so as the lovers’ cuddle at the public sites are not at any rate acceptable to the law enforcers. Just as the Mughal monarch Aurangzeb discarded music so as the lovers’ spots are being cleaned by the fair-minded leaders of the time through this well-trained force. It is definitely a good move for up gradation of the cultural values. There is a defined code of every conduct in the society. If it is crossed lucidly, the restraint is as much essential as imposing the ban on any morally wrong action. This is what we are expecting by an arrangement of the newly named team.

Now, the formation of such helpful squad emerges as considerably the most striking thing offering a fine example of control over unrestricted mannish manner with abrupt bluntness and sensational wrong-doing. Apart altogether from any problem arising from their rash actions, the righteous anger will be inevitable. Its effect may not be terrible and its aim is optimistically great. The purpose behind starting the plan is perhaps the most wonderful in the moral psychology. It is not very easier to drag a straight separating line between the light and the heavy imperfection. A Romeo may begin his action with a very human weakness but he will now surely abandon his aberration like a wrongdoer.