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Punjab Technical University review.

16, Sep 2012 By eraofrajit

“Punjab Technical University (PTU) is still in no mood of providing quality education. The first university of its kind (Having no campus for its courses) PTU is the richest university of north India and all the credit goes stupid colleges and faculty under it.” Said an angry unemployed engineer graduated from PTU.

On contacting Sawinder Singh Gill (Name changed because he thinks that he will be traced and will never get his degree) student of some stupid college (according to Sawinder Singh Gill) affiliated to PTU, we learnt that one does not need to study hard to get good or passing marks as everything depends on personal luck or the mood of the examiners. We also learned that every student of PTU gets average of 8 backlog due his/her course. Look at the formula below to calculate the amount of money earned by PTU through backlog of students.

No. of students in one batch= 10 lakh (PTU claims 10 lac engineers get jobs every year) Avg. Backlogs= 8 Examination fee per backlog=Rs.750 (previously Rs.550) Earnings per student=8*750=Rs.6000 Earnings from total students=6000*1000000=Rs.6000000000/- :O

This is the amount of money PTU earn through only BACKLOGS. One student was quoted saying that “Yaar, mere kol sirf 30 hazar hi ne par P** vaale 40 hazar mang rahe ne”. Though we dont know what it meant.

When we contacted officials of PTU about progress of university, Parminder Singh (name changed on request) of examination department was quoted saying “Yes! We are earning progressing well”. Other of the same department said we are consistently introducing new schemes to make sure students get passed within time duration. Some of schemes he mentioned were 1. 40% scheme : According to this scheme student needs only 40 marks from both internal and external to get passed. 2. Randomly awarding degrees to failed students. 3. “This is a new scheme”, he said , and this depends on the mood of C.O.E if he likes he can give grace of 10 marks.

Talking about the declaration of results of PTU, one official said “we are working hard to declare results as soon as possible and our system has become quite fast”. he said proudly “This year the results were declared even before the Exams :D”.