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"Pune motorcyclists are the smartest in India", says PwC

22, Mar 2017 By Swan

Pune. Pune, the city with highest number of motorcycles, has been declared the smartest city. This feat has made the already over smart city twice smart, once for winning the quest for smart city and for the smart motorcyclists in India. “The metrics for examining the winner was quite simple but the performance of Pune was par excellence. Pune not only taught us the smart way of driving motorcycles but also helped us find the loopholes in our metrics itself, this speaks of Pune motorcyclist’s smartness”, spoke one of the PwC partners while unveiling the report by PwC in association with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Pune topped the list in metrics like safety, reaching destination on time and following rules and regulations. “Pune people were seen wearing helmet more than any other city as safety measure, although not on head. Pune people have taken the policy for wearing helmet verbatim, they wear it on their hand, elbow and sometimes even on their motorcycles since the safety rule nowhere speaks about wearing helmet on head, one up for Pune and its ‘smart’ people who have understood the rule ‘Wear Helmet while Driving’ so well.” writes PwC in its report.

They seem to be more concerned about their bike safety than their own
They seem to be more concerned about their bike safety than their own

One of PwC auditors on conditions of anonymity also spoke about the skills of motorcyclists to reach their destination. “It was indeed very interesting to know that motorcyclists have taken quote ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ to completely new ‘roads’. People in fact don’t use roads but they make roads for themselves, that in itself proves the smartness of Pune riders. The footpath till now were used only by pedestrians across the world, but Pune has proved to the world that footpaths are nothing but highways for the poor (Since motorcyclists cannot afford cars). The bikers have reduced their travel time even by driving in the wrong way. They have even justified this driving style by quoting Newton’s third law which states that ‘For every actions there is an equal and opposite reaction’, so for one vehicle moving in one direction should and always will have another vehicle driving in opposite direction irrespective of it being Single Way road.”

The report also mentions that people have pledged not to cross zebra crossing as long as there are zebras crossing. Pune people do not follow lane discipline since Pune riders do not believe in lanes, they believe that lanes divide the society and act like reservations, which is better off with education and job promotion. PwC has given them highest marks for being so progressive and has also recommended other metro cities to follow suit. Pune riders were also involved in other social causes while riding like electricity preservation, as they do not use signal indicators while moving right or left. The movement of retina towards a direction notifies the riders in front and back where the rider is going to turn.

Many other drivers were also seen indicating just by the movement of their limbs to indicate where they will turn. PwC report has surely amazed all across India by declaring the already over smart Pune city as smart.