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Public demands more Conferences to sleep

07, Dec 2012 By gandalf

Professor Tom Quibler expressed his inconvenience as many people were found sleeping and even snoring during his lecture on Particle Physics at Sahani Institute of Nuclear Physics. This is not a separate event. Many such incidents have been reported both in scientific as well as musical conferences. Several of the speakers and artists express their disgust in this matter. However, the majority of the public has rejected this accusation as vituperative. They suggested that such accusation is not only irrelevant, but also void.

When many of the publics who attend such conferences were asked to comment on these accusations, they merely stated that it is nothing wrong to sleep in such conferences. According to them, most of the middle class family cannot afford air condition machines in their house. So such conferences are the best opportunity to have a peaceful sleep in AC.

When asked whether this is ethically acceptable, a huge number of public had to say that there is no question of ethics. They stated that these lectures are usually tangential to their level of understanding. They suggested that to make these lectures more interesting, the scholars should talk on topics which are present in the last ten years question papers of University examinations. Otherwise it is merely a waste of time to listen to these topics which may enhance knowledge, but not exam marks. So sleeping is a better option.

As for musical concerts, the scenario is equivalent. However, these incidents are mostly found in classical music concerts. When the audiances were enquired about it, they said that classical music was far too difficult and required serious knowledge of music. But, they prefer to go to such concerts to be considered as delegates and “what could be better than having some melodious music during sleeping” was what they stated.

Finally, most of these regular visitors to conferences demanded that if the electricity charge is not reduced, then the number of such conferences should be increased to ensure that they can enjoy a sound sleep in an enjoyable and cool environment.