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Psychologists develop test to help Indians acquire right aptitude for higher success

08, Sep 2013 By Mishtik Journo

Kolkata: Noted psychologist duo Kalyan G Bose and Anand G Ghose have developed a ’Comprehensive Attribute Test for Success in India’ (CATS – I)

“An increasing section of Indian population live under the notion that despite of being more educated, intelligent, hard working and ethical, they are not able to achieve higher level of success than people in their surroundings in terms of name fame and money. CATS – I helps such people identify their erroneous zones”, said Bose introducing the test.

CATS - I defines what it takes to be successful in India
CATS – I defines what it takes to be successful in India

“Our test calculates a percentile for each respondent based on scores attained on critical personality attributes so essential for success in India by administering a detailed questionnaire”, explained Ghose, identifying these four attributes as critical:

  1. Resourceful Innovative Manipulation of people (Chaalbaazi), situations and equipment (Jugadbaazi)
  2. Ability to swiftly lie –  to mis-sell, fail on commitments and steal taxes (Jaalsaazi)
  3. Capacity to kill conscience and rise at any cost
  4. General  lack of cultural values and civic sense – nepotism, break queues (Makkaari)

“First time I scored a poor 35th percentile and the test recommended a three month assistant-ship under the local MLA to improve the score”, said young Ankeet Khurana, “After the three month mentoring from the MLA, I moved to 92nd percentile in the retest. Now, two major political parties are offering me ticket to fight elections for a Municipal Counselor. I feel like being Re-born to Win”

Bose & Ghose have been flooded with emails from employees who have not been promoted in their jobs for years, requesting for placing the test online so that they can take it easily and brighten their career paths.

“A number of companies from the real estate, consulting and financial services domain have approached us for administering CATS – I as a preliminary screening test for recruiting new employees”, added an elated Ghose.

The psychologist duo have declined that CATS – I bears any resemblance to the MBTI test of Briggs & Myers.

“I have learnt to play the game – ‘I am OK, you’re OK‘ with all my customers even when I hardly agree with them”, commented Leena Gupta – an entrepreneur whose sales have doubled after she took the test to identify her erroneous zones. She now has a score of 87.

Meanwhile several Indian ministers including Kapil Sibal have strongly condemned misuse of the test in countries like Sweden and Switzerland where it is being administered to identify criminal elements in the society.