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Protests erupt across country after moral brigades attack activists doing "Kiss of Sex"

10, Nov 2014 By manithan

Some City: The communal and regressive Hindu fanatics have done it again, this time to the innocent people having sex in the middle of busy roads in the city. They attacked the innocent revolutionary liberals who were the only beacon of hope for keeping the world move forward.

We spoke to one of the activist, who said, “This is outrageous. The network of Hindu fanatics are at work, to take us back to the dark ages. Why can’t we have sex with our loved mates on the road? Is there any law to say that we shall not have them outside closed places? If sex without consent can happen in daylight, why can’t sex with consent occur on the road? This is against our basic freedom. If we show Public Display of Affection, why are you seeing it? You can very well mind your own business.”

Protesters urge for such plaques to be removed across the country
Protesters urge for such plaques to be removed across the country

Lakshman, who leads the “Free Sex” campaign and had organised “Kiss of Sex” events across the country, said, “Our anger increased after police took the back seat and let the moral Hindu brigade do the atrocities on us. They told us to dress up. They threw clothes on us. This is outrageous. Don’t we have the freedom to roam without dress? Who are you to say us what to do and what not to do? We urge the government to install condom machine in the road-divider every 50 meters apart. Also, apart from red-yellow-green signal, they should install ‘making out’ sign so that vehicles can stop for two minutes. We have also planned to do ‘Piss of Love’ campaign to enable youth to have masturbation in public places without getting arrested.”

The Facebook page for “Kiss of Sex” says of the event that ‘…young bloods join their hands together to prove to the society that sex in open is the symbol of freedom’.

Several newspapers condemned this act by the government going silent on moral Hindu brigades. One of them even ran a long piece, which went like, There is something poisonous about a democracy in which couples are arrested for having sex in the roads. This reaction by the state to the non-violent ‘Kiss of Sex’ protest proved the protesters’ point very effectively….. prevent other citizens from exercising their sexual rights.”

A person who identified himself as supporter of the movement, said to us via phone, “Earlier, people were not permitted to come out of homes freely at night and party till dawn. Now, it is permitted. Earlier, people were chided for holding hands in public. Now, it is permitted. Earlier, people were attacked for kissing in public. Now, it is permitted. Now, they are attacking us for having sex in public places. In future, this will become a normal routine too. We are doing ‘Make Out On Road’!”

When our cameraperson tried to cover the movement, Lakshman protested, “We will sue you guys under the revised Criminal Act of 2013. In that, you cannot even see someone having sex in public. And when you try to record it as video, you will get 3 years punishment.” When we retaliated that we are utilising our freedom of expression, he shouted, “Hell to your Freedom and Rights! You cannot apply Freedom of Expression everywhere. Get out!” And then, he along with his group of protesters started attacking our crew.

After escaping from the spot, we met a clinical psychologist Meena and put across this issue her. She said, “This kind of protest and people attacking them are normal behaviors. People who have opportunity to have sex will welcome it, people who cannot will try to quash it. It is like ‘I have no problem to kissing in public as long as I can do such things’ mindset. Also, people use Freedom of Expression argument when they want to shove their ideas on you and if you try to retaliate, they will limit us from using our Freedom of Expression. It is general human psychology.”