Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Prostitutes get offended saying don’t play with our nomenclature, submitted a memo to PM

10, Apr 2015 By yogendra

prostitutes demonstrating

New Delhi: Over the row of controversy of word #presstitude now ‘All India prostitutes association’ which also includes ‘male prostitutes’ gave a memorandum to the PM. Their allegation made is that they are the people who sell their bodies but still our soul is alive within, so people who sell their souls but not bodies, should not be compared to us.

They also mentioned, “we are very deeply hurt and feeling offended by this kind of competitions. So, whenever the word #presstitude is mentioned then it should be clarified with it meaning like #presstitude_the_soul_seller, and also a new word should also be coined which is #polititude and both should be put in same category by the logic of ‘souls selling’.”

Citing one more difference it is also mentioned in the memorandum that, ‘we the prostitutes do our work in private but above two categories #presstitute and #polititude do their work mostly publicly by deception and emotional fooling but the irony  is that our profession is made illegal while their profession is not.’

Further it says, ‘we provide what we are meant for but these do mostly opposite of what they are supposed to. Our rights must be equal to human rights and our community’s name should not be used for settling scores in personal rivalries on public platforms.’

Let’s see what would be the take of PM on this.