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Proposed fuel consumption tax on software engineers

09, Sep 2013 By Fakerazzi

In the background of strong rebuttal from religious establishments and strong protests from MNCs against retrospective taxation, government babus have turned their attention to their most favorite taxpayers, supposedly pampered and overpaid software engineers who each are supposedly sitting on a lot of unused cash.

These babus knows that software engineers are flush with funds since they have absolutely no time to spend it due to 16 hours schedules. They also know that these engineers are able to provide higher than normal rents, buying over priced flats and never demanding to see proper transportation facilities in the areas surrounding the IT zones.

Most of IT folks are also coughing up money for essentials items like water which is taken for granted by most of other unionized workers living in subsidized housing and travelling by official buses. They also know that software engineers will be the last people to protest against anything on streets.

At most, they will float a petition which will stay in that system due to lack of email for any government organization. Most of babus do not use facebook either unless it is to promote some supposedly great work done by them among villagers.

Emboldened by these facts, they have decided to levy Rs 1000 per month tax uniformly on all software engineers naming it as “Fuel consumption tax”. Earlier, they wanted to name it as “Fuel wastage tax” but Mr. Tharoor protested considering the backlash on twitter against him due to naming.

Like professional tax, this will also be deducted automatically from salary. The proposed rate in the non-functional Loksabha will be Rs 1200 per month, but after strong Facebook, Twitter and protest, it will be reduced to Rs 1000. This will also be accompanied by Bharat Nirman ads on all social networks.

As is customary will all tax proposals, exemption are allowed under following circumstances under proposed software engineer taxation act (yes, this is also under consideration)

  • Section 1119809345GFDRT – Must produce valid daily ticket from government transport undertaking for a non-stop bus service covering minimum 95% distance of daily commute from home to office and vice versa. Monthly tickets will not be allowed.
  • Section 33443034GSWERP- Affidavit from a class 1 gazetted officer confirming that the software engineer is avid walker or cycle user.
  • Section 43534656FDWNT – Affidavit from a competent authority confirming that the said software engineer works for a software company whose all business is done in the India.
  • Section 347890SERTYU – Affidavit from the nearest traffic inspector that the said software engineer is availing car pooling facility in a petrol car for any and every travel to his office and return. All users of the car pool should be using the car for minimum 95% of daily commute. Everyday car should have full occupancy.

No exemption will be given for the office bus travel as these AC buses are considered luxury by AC car user babus. No exemption is to be allowed for use of late night office cab even though wives and husbands of these babus can always ask for cab from their government funded car pools for Sunday brunches. These are considered luxury for software engineers since 67% of India under FSB cannot afford it.

Government is hoping that this will help them in getting more revenue in foreign currency and all MNCs will have to pay this indirect taxes without agreeing to pay outright revenue based tax. Ultimately, these taxes will come from companies only as extra salary.

Media though is instructed to spin it as the drive to improve usage of non-existent buses and trains and also a latent hope that more engineers will use cycles and walking like pre-MMS era lowly paid peons. They reckon that 90% are anyway doing peon’s job so why not adopt their travelling methods also.