Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Pro-poor stir to start by Anna

16, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Anna Hazare, a Gandhian and social activist said willingly what he expected from Modi government at the centre was not giving any grain of confidence to him for a possibility of betterment in poor man’s condition. He desired a lot more but he considered no gain in extra wait in that direction. He questioned as he stared angrily at the fruitless span of more than three years’ BJP rule. While his head was low in the persisting situation, he was contemplating on firing up an agitation in support of the farmers and common public out of frustration on March 23 at Ramlila ground in Delhi.

He is completely disappointed as his long wait for the change in the people’s fortunes could not come as per the assurances promised by the new government. His lofty hopes dashed after three-and-a-half-year BJP rule. What he expected seemed to have not materialised, as he emphasized in his recent rally in Dehradun. He held the central govt responsible for the pitiable condition of the farmers across the country. His patience gave way now and he had been forced to start his stir in sheer disillusionment. He is seeking out pension to the farmers on the lines of the retired govt servants.

This will be his extreme affection for the browbeaten populace. A kind of impatience appears to be disturbing him as of now. He thinks sharply, “It is a suitable time to take the people’s issues to the forefront.” Even one disgruntled leader Yashwant Sinha has also been battling for the farmers. What was done by Gandhiji in Champaran years ago was a set standard for the political gain? Since Anna Hazare is out and out adopting Gandhian values in his practical life, there is absolutely no doubt on his sense of duty. And the Bihar leader is also not far from that benchmark.