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Priyanka Chopra, India’s new Guess girl to guess where Unnao gold vanished

30, Oct 2013 By pakkaindian

The Golden Girl of Guess
The Golden Girl of Guess

New Delhi: After trying her hand in various successful ventures like the Miss World beauty pageant, modeling, acting and singing, Priyanka Chopra (or Piggy Chopps or PC), has added another feather to her already crowded cap. She is India’s first Guess girl (first Indian to be signed by international fashion brand ‘Guess’ for its Holiday 2013 campaign).

Impressed by her latest feat, the nation’s leaders got into an overdrive trying to use her latest achievement to complete various tasks. Experts feel that the “Golden” girl of Bollywood now has the power of “Guess” behind her. Enhancing her enterprising spirit with these two strengths, PC could be the new Super Girl. Her association with gold and ability to guess would enable her to lend a helping hand in many situations, from the urgent to the much awaited.

FN learned about some of the guessing requests she received.

Where is the Unnao gold: After the ASI declared that there is no gold in Unnao and called off the excavation, the Union Government, still very much convinced about the existence of the hidden treasure, is trying other methods to reach that illusive treasure. In a desperate move, the Union Minister in charge of the Unnao gold mission has sent a request to PC to guess the location of the treasure. A request to this regard has already been submitted to her secretary. Considering the success rate of all her earlier ventures (see first para above), the government believes that PC will make a success of this task too. PC has been advised to dream out the treasure location if the need be.

When will India win the next Olympic Gold: The last one was in 2008(Abhinav Bindra). Before that, it was the Hockey team in 1980. When will we see the next Olympic gold? The leaders associated with the Sports portfolio have no time whatsoever to lay down a sports policy, implement it and tap the immense sports talent of this immensely populated country (1 billion people = 1 gold medal?). Instead, the Sports Ministry has decided to follow the Unnao method and request PC to guess when the next Olympic gold is expected. Till then, they can devote their time to contesting and lobbying for elections to various Olympic and other sports bodies.

At the time of filing this report, many such requests were finding their way to PC. But she was not available for comment.

When this FN reporter tried to reach PC for her opinion on these gold matters, her secretary replied that she was at an unknown destination, and left him guessing instead.