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Prime Minister Modi upset with users blocking him on Twitter

15, Sep 2017 By hislarious

In last few days, there were reports of social media users blocking prime minister on social media platform. Earlier we used to see reports of Congress chief being upset over certain things and now we have some unconfirmed reports that PM Modi was upset over users blocking him on twitter. More the things change, more they remain the same.

Unlike mainstream media, we don’t believe in posting reports over hearsay; so we decided to do some investigation if people who occupy such higher positions do get disturbed over such insignificant things. So as to get an expert opinion, our Faking news correspondent ‘Bekar Bakwaskar’ decided to visit religious god men as they are expert on everything under the sun (MSM journalists come close second). But all of them refused to offer any comment.Since recent events in Haryana, they are running away from media as far as possible.

So our correspondent decided to compromise with the ethics of journalism a little bit and instead settled with opinion of a leading psychiatrist ‘Anjan Batliwala’. When asked Anjan ji said, ” Usually people who occupy such a higher official positions remain indifferent to such insignificant things but when it comes to social media attention anything is possible. I have seen many girls who were known as social butterflies going into depression after their marriage because of reduced attention on social media. Before marriage they get hundreds of likes on their photos with comments such as ‘smoking hot’, ‘Now we know the reason for global warming’ and after marriage, number of likes dry up with comments such as ‘God bless you guys’, ‘Made for each other’ ; some jilted ‘wannabe’s who could not be’ even make sarcastic comments such as ‘Nice greenery in the background’. So coming to the point, people do crave for social media attention a lot. Considering the fact that PM do follow handles on Twitter who criticize him and even abused him with choicest of labels such as ‘coward and psychopath’, we can’t rule out this possibility that PM is upset over users blocking him on Twitter”.

Unlike earlier dispensation, now it’s really difficult to find credible sources who know things. Freedom of expression of even credible sources is under threat along with that of press. Our correspondent tried without any success and was about to compromise ethics of journalism even further by inventing a source which does not exist; that is when we got lucky and got one source which agreed to talk to us on condition of anonymity.

When asked he said “It’s been going on for long now, if anything bad happens in BJP ruled state then PM has to take responsibility and if that state happens to be ruled by opposition, even then PM has to take the blame. There is no respite. PM was upset with constant criticism from media. After recent event of murder of a journalist in Karnataka, PM called an urgent meeting to discuss the issue but nothing concrete came out of it. One of the senior minister who was itching for the opportunity for long, suggested to take resignation of CM but later someone reminded him that CM belongs to opposition party. PM seemed uneasy after meeting and that’s when reports of twitter users blocking him came and that was the final straw. He follows even worst of his critics on twitter and news of some random people blocking him on Twitter did upset him a lot. Someone talked about advancing upcoming trip..err official visit to Myanmar but even that did not cheer him up. That’s when we realized matters are going out of hand and decided to reach out to his mother. His mother talked to him for few minutes and then he was fine. Be it prime minister of the country or any aam aadmi, the kind of solace a mother offers during troubled times is something which no one can match”.

Before this anonymous source becomes any more philosophical our correspondent asked curiously, “What did she say to him?”.

Our source replied, “She told him, you are upset over some people blocking you on twitter if you had behaved as per wishes of these very set of people then you would have been selling tea at some railway platform now instead of being in position to decide next railway minister. Just relax and follow your heart as you always did”.

“So how is prime minister going to follow his heart?”, our correspondent Bekar Bakwaskar innocently asked.

“Wait till next foreign trip err official visit is announced”, our source replied.

“That wait won’t be long for sure”, our correspondent said. One of those rare moments, when our correspondent does not live upto his name.