Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Pride ensued with campus selection

20, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Completion of a degree course in the technical courses is paying indeed. The students try to secure a certificate with a view to obtaining some better job. After completing the civil engineering course from a prestigious institution, a student started trying his luck at various companies for the job. His endeavours did not stop despite failures. Some people even suggested him to cross the country’s border for employment. Several others also advised him to initiate his own work.

His father was also confident of his job on the basis of his educational qualifications. He was convinced and his father was positive but what was ordained for him. None was aware of this vital thing. Of course, he wanted to earn money and settle in life. His every attempt was failing which made him pessimistic. This was definitely a negative point for the young aspirant.

By chance, he happened to meet his classmate Alia. He narrated his complete story of the struggle for the life. Actually, the girl was employed at a computer chip company in his city. She already knew his brilliance but saddened at his constant failures. She still advised him to continue with his attempts as it was the only suitable way for him. Their meeting increased with friendship reaching a level of love. So, one day the disappointed, jobless but degree holder asked whether she would marry him. She thought if she remained silent, he might think what she was not feeling.

Therefore, she made it clear we could not possibly shut our eyes from this life’s reality. She was ready but she wanted to make it arranged marriage. She accompanied his house one day where his father questioned over her presence. His straightforward question was: Who is she?  How can a son show disrespect to his father? He wisely answered: Campus selection.