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Presenting before you All Gods Cricket XI...

18, Nov 2016 By Ankit Kumar Singh

Suppose one day all the gods residing somewhere up in the sky decide to take a tour of the green planet and play Test matches against the creatures that they arguably made in their own image. What would be their team combination? Here is my pick.


Shree Ganesh Ekdant (This is how you are supposed to begin everything including an innings, isn’t it? Easy choice to Shree Ganesh the proceedings.)

Bismillah Allah (Chosen for the same reason as Ganesh. Opening the innings from the other end in the name of Allah is Allah.)

Middle order

Gautam Buddha (No. 3 is a very crucial spot to bat at. You may have to walk in as early as on the very second ball of the match and negotiate the new ball. This is where the Dravids and the Kallises of the Earthly atmosphere have batted. Batsmen with an icy-cool demeanour and a watertight technique. Among gods, Buddha appears the batsgod possessing all these qualities. Remaining equanimous and unruffled always.)

Krishna Vasudev (No. 4 is where poster boys of the Earthly atmosphere have batted- from the great Sir Don to the great SRT. Krishna is certainly the poster boy among gods as evidenced by his ability to hog the maximum amount of attention in a war he didn’t use any weapon at all. He is also appointed skipper of the side for he can go to any extent to win you the game.)

Ram Chandra (No. 5 is a spot for an ideal kind of guy- one who does what he is asked to do. Ram is a batsgod fit for this slot.)

Jesus Christ (No. 6 is where saviours bat. This is from where VVS and Huss scripted myriad rescue acts. Among gods, Jesus is the ideal contender for this slot. A Messiah he is called after all.)


Maruti Hanuman (Known for serving and protecting his master with utmost devotion, Hanuman is a perfect wicketkeeper material. The skipper Krishna just has to ensure he gets his cues from Ram Chandra only. A mace wielder par excellence, he can be very effective with the willow too.)

Fast bowlers

Mahadev Shiva (The leading paceman of the attack. Your premier speedster has to be a destructive bowler and Shiva is considered the alpha destroyer. An inhabitant of hilly regions, he possesses stamina in abundance, and therefore, can bowl with ferocity for hours on end.)

Yam Raj (Shiva’s new ball partner would be Yam Raj – a deadly bowler. Deadly literally.)

Medium pacer

Mahavir Jain (Whenever you need to give your two go-to gods a rest, Mahavir is your god to bowl gentle non-violent military medium pace tirelessly.)


Kam Dev (Your spinner has to have the ability to entice and deceive with his seemingly pleasurable offering. Kam Dev is your god.)

12th man

Pawan Dev (The 12th man is required for two things- field in the absence of any member from playing XI or carry drinks. Known for remaining airborne, Pawan Dev can pull off gravity-defying catches with a nonchalant ease at the ropes. He can also bring drinks to the field with the velocity of air literally.)

PS- This should be seen from the prism of humour alone. There is no intention to hurt religious sentiments of any community.

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