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Pratibha Patil to hand over travel brochures to the next President

26, Jun 2012 By thenali

Pratibha Patil is expected to hand over the travel brochures that she had collected from various countries to the next President soon after he takes charge.

Sources reveal that a list of special recommendations have been prepared by Patil herself on suggestions for visiting countries and the best time of the year to do so.

“Southeast during winter, Europe during summer, Dubai at May – no no, if it’s Christmas then its New York – are some of suggestions from madam to the next President. She has written them on her own to give a personal touch to the gift,” one of the close associates in the President’s office said.

“The idea to move around various countries actually struck madam once when she was watching a show called Amazing Race telecasted on one of the television channels. She was so excited that she decided to do what the contestants were doing: carrying backpacks and moving across various countries doing silly things. I think it was that magic moment that inspired her to visit 22 countries in 4 continents during her tenure,” he added.

With NDA having trouble pulling the strings together, Congress is more or less assured of victory and is already in the process of getting Pranab Mukherjee ready for the presidential job following.

“We have decided upon the various dates, in which the presidential candidate is to visit various cities in the country; this would set him up for the mood to replace Pratibha. Once he gets used to it, I think he would be a perfect replacement,” said a senior congressman.

A Loyalist from congress supported the President on the recent news in the media about the expenses incurred by her on foreign trips.

“I don’t understand why people make big fuss about her travelling expenses. This is neither scam nor a scandal. When people were cool with 2G, CWG, Coal scam, Adarsh scam etc., I really wonder people still consider 205 Crores to be huge money. People should understand that building toilets by itself takes lakhs of rupees and it absolutely makes sense that it shall cost more to build relationship with countries, people and media shall understand this,” he said.