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Potholes disappear overnight; questions arise

04, Aug 2014 By speedysid

In light of the recent mystery of a lake which appeared in the middle of the Tunisian desert, pedestrians and vehicle drivers are astonished to see a street in Mumbai free of potholes-OVERNIGHT!

Ramdas Patil, a milkman and regular rider on the road and who was amongst the first to discover this phenomena remarked in astonishment-” I thought I had come to the wrong area… but then the buildings were the same. I was so confused that I started pinching myself”. He later showed us his red marks over his entire body caused due to over-pinching himself.

Jayantibhai Patel, 65, a regular morning-walker and a resident of the area where the road is, remarked “This is surreal! I have never seen this road so smooth and complete. I expect property rates here to go up now.. Achche din aa rahe hai!”

Though no municipal officer has ever visited this area after Diwali last year, people are still skeptical that they would indeed have visited again last night. Residents who stay up late at night saw no construction activity on a seemingly busy road- even the ones who got up from their late night TV serials.

Sonu Chand, a college student, who regularly rides his bike on this road, thinks aliens had a hand- “See, first they built the pyramids.. So huge.. Don’t you think they can fill the roads overnight? There were more potholes on this road than Sajid Khan Humshakal jokes!”

Municipal Officers of the ward were unavailable for comment because they were actually unavailable at the ward office. Sonu Chand pointed this out and reiterated his theory about the alien hand. “You think they would have come by now, at least to ensure they show off and claim a Diwali advance. The fact that they haven’t is proof that they have being abducted!”

Right now, the area is in shock and awe, and while the word has spread out, residents are wondering whether to invest in a vehicle now that the the road is smoother than never before. And as many may question and wonder about an extra-terrestrial hand in this, residents concur that the municipality’s capabilities to recognize potholes and fix them overnight are as much as Honey Singh receiving a Grammy award for best rap album.

(The road’s identity has been withheld to avoid unnecessary tourism and political mileage)