Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Potholed roads bring serious problems

26, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Strangely enough, several disturbed people do raise the doubt whether the persisting potholes on the city roads continue for benefitting the private nursing homes or the government hospitals or the doctors. As we know very well, the bad roads’ condition seldom gets improved year after year. The very responsible civic authorities do show its cautious concern over the swiftly increasing trend the in road mishaps due to the potholes but nothing concrete is done to bring the road users out of this severe problem. There has been registered a marked rise in the diseases like spondylitis and sciatica, as doctors claim adding that nothing but the hollow in the road surface caused by wear or subsidence is the vital source of these serious ailments.

As the human body has a shocker type of thing in between the spinal cord, it gets harmed by continuous jerk while moving on uneven or gaping roads.The doctors point out that there persists a shocker like a thing in between the human spinal cord. The specialists also view that the potholes are increasing the number of head injury patients owing to the potholed roads. According to a figure, twenty to twenty-five percent cases of head injuries are daily attended by the doctors at the Hallet Hospital here.

Although the civic authorities assert upon repairing of the potholed roads has been our priority as we are determined to provide relief to the public yet the roads give a different dangerous look. A similar view comes from the PWD officials when they maintain that the work on remaining broken roads will soon be taken up. Despite alertness, the potholes are sustaining as the main cause of the city’s road accidents. As many as 65 road accidents were registered due to the potholed roads in the past one year.