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Pothole in Pune turns into a tourist spot

05, Sep 2014 By Ameya D

Pune. A pothole near MG road which has not been repaired by the officials for three years now has turned into a tourist attraction. The place has been flooded with people coming from all over the city. Pune for last couple of month has been lashed by heavy rains, as a result lots of water has been gathered in the pothole.

Tourism booster.

Sunil Kulkarni engineering student from the city first mistook this pothole for a pond. Speaking about his great discovery, Sunil said, “I have very demanding girlfriend we always used to get in fight. She always complained about how I​ did not buy her gifts, or took her out for romantic drive. That is when as I was passing by the road I​spotted this miraculous place, which helped me renew my relation. Now every time we have a fight I bring her to this ​pothole.”​

Soon after Sunil discovered the place, there was widespread publicity of this pothole. And more and more engineering students came here to visit the pothole. Some claim that they were single when they came to visit this spot, but their luck changed and girls started to fall for them. Legend also has it that many migrant birds like crow, sparrow also were spotted littering near huge pile of garbage. ​

Ajay Mistry who changed his profession from computer engineer to photographer after he recently bought a DSLR camera said, “I had never seen a crow in my entire life. It was only in books I had read and seen a crow. It was my ultimate dream capture a crow. When I came here, I saw so many crows that I felt overwhelmed. There are no other words to describe ​ this place its nothing less than heaven for photographers”

​Besides that, the pothole has renewed the career of a teal stall owner, “I hardly used to make any businesses earlier, and my monthly income was merely 50000. But thanks to pothole now I own a three star hotel.”

Meanwhile the concerned authority where also spotted at the pothole with their families. However, it is been learnt that local political bodies are now in tussle with each other. As they want the pothole to be named after their local leader.