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Post Office profits resurrect as a wave of Open Letters hit the nation hard

11, Jul 2015 By aman321

Open letters have become a new medium of one-to-one-to-so-many communication as it not only covers the sender and the receiver but also the media. Protagonists like Shenaz Treasurywala (open letter to PM), Rene Sharanya Verma (open letter to Honey Singh), Shruti Seth (again to PM), Kavita Kaushik (open letter to Smriti Irani) have consulted CBSE to add “Open Letter Writing” in English writing section of 11th and 12th standard as they may be useful in future looking at the current condition of the country.

They are likely to form a new “Chitthi Aayi Hai Party” which adheres to there political agenda. But they clearly mentioned that they are not AAP rivals as they are afraid that there open letters might not end up at the right addresses. There motto is : “Likh ke dikha O meri Jaan” adding a seductive flavour to their work and it may prove to be worthy as it’s an all-girls party(wink). They chose the vernacular in their party name, motto and the letter itself because the people to whom it is addressed are believed to not understand English.

They are looking for new members for the party and co-incidentally they found one more to strengthen them – Neha J Hiranandani (open letter to Hema Malini). Rumour has it that their party will be funded by multinational beggars who happen to have millions worth of property in posh areas of Delhi and Mumbai.Experts who say that Earthquake occur due to women wearing jeans have said that women writing open letters are the cause of Ozone layer depletion due to which it has become an infamous activity across the continent.

The activists of this party play a major role in the upliftment of postal services in India and fight for their dignity. The last initiative was taken by the director of movie “Lunchbox” who apparently indicated the importance of postal communication in today’s world .In a recent talk with the head of India post he called Facebook and twitter “obsolete” and open letters as the “dark horse” of the race. He was a little skeptical about the party at first as but his faith took a leap when the girls showed him the open advertisement of sexologists inviting patients on the walls of houses built near National Highways. He then envisioned the power of open letters. Though they might go unnoticed by the person it is meant for, it may change people’s attitude that nobody uses post offices these days. Thus, marking a beginning of new era of india post.