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Possible scenarios if liquor is banned in Goa

22, Aug 2014 By krantikari_yeda


After the news broke out about Kerala Government banning liquor in the state with immediate effect, Goa government is also thinking about implementing this in their state. So, Faking News analyzed what could be the possible scenarios if liquor is banned in Goa:

  1. 99% of the state tourism will be hit.

  2. All the beaches (including bikini waley) will hold a deserted look.

  3. Goa tourisms punchline will change from “A Perfect Holiday Destination” to “Pensioners Paradise”.

  4. Only families (No Bachelors) will visit Goa to see Bom Jesus Basilica and Shri Mangueshi Temple and for beaches they will visit either Mumbai or nearby Karwar.

  5. Dil Chahta hai will be remade with the lead characters going on a vacation to Bangkok.
  6. Goa’s economy will be dependent on Kaju (Cashew Nut) sales.

  7. Shri Rama Sene will be legalised as a culture promoting organization.

  8. Whichever party promises to start liquor sale in Goa, will win the next elections.