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Poorly-off denied of even scant space

11, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: “Kutton Ke liye jagah hai, Garibon Ke liye Koi jagah nahi”, said a man sitting on the footpath in twice-a-week Bazaar at KDA Colony area here on Tuesday. Spreading a polyethene sheet on a corner he was selling cotton wear. He bemoaned that the stray dogs even secure some space for relaxing and sleeping but the poor do not find the little vacant spot for earning his livelihood.

In the rainy season, the make-shift market ground remains covered with filth and dirty water. So, the sellers’ spot automatically gets smaller owing to prevailing dirtiness. But there are certain footpath sellers who arrange their small paraphernalia on the empty space closest to the houses around the marketplace.

Those two footpath sellers who were moaning about agonies were seen busy in putting up slippers’ rubber leaf and innerwear for sale on a corner side. They looked pretty disturbed with their little sale but did not lose their optimism for some earnings despite the intermittent showers ruining their chances of doing business.  When asked one told that he had been arranging his things on the footpath for the past several years but never secured the same spot one after another bazaar. He had to look for a fresh bare place.

Another middle-aged short-sized footpath seller dejectedly stated that the sale had never been satisfactory. Several months have passed since he started sitting here but the sale rarely picked up as he expected often. If we anyhow managed to sell more pieces on the first day of the market turn, there was no guarantee of the enhanced sale on the Bazaar’s another turn. Our fate continued to linger in utter blank. It was only our confident strong will that forced us to carry on. After all, we also wished to survive on this earth.