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Political trolling voted most desirable job by engineering students

20, Feb 2014 By Nakul

It’s official! A study conducted by All India Certified Velle Engineers Federation revealed that engineering students who are about to pass out, prefer political trolling as the most desirable job, whereas other jobs like marketing , sales and coaching tutor came second, third and fourth respectively in the survey.

Engineer's favourite job
Engineer’s favourite job

The study was conducted in all the 1,00,000 engineering colleges in India, revealed a change in job preference and skill set of engineering students in India.

When we talked to federations’ Chairman, P.P Pandey, also known as Sir Pandey Ji in Engineering community about outcome of this survey, he was candid enough to accept that students want more challenging jobs now.

He said, “It all begun when in early 90’s engineering students preferred core engineering jobs as most desirable, but they ended up doing dead end jobs in mechanical workshops, chemical plants and software companies. There was no challenge in those jobs , and after a few years they only ended up being CEO , MD or GM of those companies, which was all about spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Later students started taking up more challenging jobs of selling soaps and shampoos as sales or marketing executives. This also helped them in climbing corporate ladder later by doing MBA. However off lately, with the kind of atmosphere they witnessed on Twitter , Facebook and newsroom discussions, they got convinced that the most challenging job in country right now is political trolling. And the same is being perfectly reflecting in our Survey. “

Though Sir Pandey Ji refused to accept monetary benefits as one of the incentives for such a change in preferences, when we talked to one of the engineering student of final year, of a prestigious institute of national level, situated in Ghaziabad, he revealed, “Yes, monetary benefits are one part of incentives attached to such jobs. You can clearly see that selling soaps and shampoos is more paying and also more challenging than core engineering jobs. Similarly, the kind of money political parties float on internet campaigns, yelling abuses and insulting opponents in social media is the most well paid job currently in India, plus you can use your engineering skills in Adobe Photoshop, Paint etc. “

So, it is clear that such a shift in technocratic demographics is based on desire to pursue more innovative , challenging and paying jobs. During further research on the matter, we reached out to a campus recruitment program where hiring was going on for the similar profile for a major political party, who refused to let us use their name in our article, saying, “We hire them anonymously , because we take money from people and corporate and under new RTI , they can ask us where that money is going. Obviously we can’t let them know that  we are hiring trolls . For the same reason, we opposed CIC order of bringing us under RTI. As you can see, such an order is causing a lot of trouble for our operations , and affecting the employment prospects for these students too. Now we hire only as much as we can hide from people.”

When asked about what they look in a candidate for such prestigious jobs, he replied, “Overall, we look for the quality of venom he or she is capable of spitting on Internet. We also check their technical skills in the field of Photoshop, Facebook , Blogging, Twitter etc. Also the candidate must have good General Knowledge, I mean how can you troll your opponents if you don’t know about their activities and the country overall. “

Intrigued by the diverse profile these parties were seeking, we asked for the kind of exam they held for hiring, “Its a four stage process. First stage there is a GK paper to test their awareness level, where we ask them relevant questions like – Why our party is the only good option, Why our PM candidate is Messiah, Why our opponent is harmful to nation, Why is dirty politics important, Why constitution doesn’t mean too much in politics, Who is Pappu, Feku and Paltu etc etc.Then in second stage, they are subjected to practical tests where we ask them create 10 Memes in 15 minutes, Photoshop our leaders’ image in different sample situations, Photoshop the rivers, roads, city, slum’s images to look like European one etc. Then in third stage, we conduct group discussion, where we divide the entire group into two parties and ask them to debate like it happens in Parliament. So, its basically their endurance test. In final stage, we conduct interviews in different modes, like Arnab mode,Sardesai Mode, Thapar Mode and even Chaurasia Mode. The one who clears all modes, gets CTP as offered.”

He later explained CTP is just like CTC except it stands for Cost to Party. These selected candidates are then sent for advanced level training to respective nodal party offices, and then sent to different unmentioned locations nationally with a fake account of each- Twitter, Facebook and Gmail to begin with.

So one can safely predict, that like Technical , MBA and Administrative sector, engineers are all set to rule the top hierarchy of Trolling sector in a couple of years, and as Sir Pandey Ji predicted, they can also end up sitting in parliament some day.When asked about concern of eminent personalities like Bharat Ratna winner Shri. C.N.R Rao about youth wasting talent by running after money, Sir Pandey Ji said, ” This is not about money , this is about what you do, and as Engineers, we do politics everywhere, in colleges, in companies, even in our homes. So what’s wrong in making money from something that’s your core expertise ? “