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Police to fire job application forms rather than tear gas in next riots

23, Apr 2017 By Ransa

With the alleged growing intolerance in the number of riots across India are increasing and the police department is very frustrated with the bombarding the youth with the tear gas and water cannon. Recently police department along with home ministry has started to look for alternative measure for the cost cutting and find out better alternatives for handling the riots.

Fresher candidates submitting their new job application
Fresher candidates submitting their new job application

Lot of creative suggestion came from across India. Few top suggestion included firing Weed laced cookies or using Bhang cannon to calm down the crowd. Other alternative suggested was to show porn on screen where the riots are taking place to distract the crowd.

But since this solution were way to radical to be politically correct government picked up the best solution. The major reason for the the youth to participate on all this nuisance was the lack of work and the government has decided to target this key point.

From now on whenever there will be a riot the police official will fire Job application form and as result give the youth a better way to channelize their energy and work rather than petting stone for money.

Various coaching institutes who prepare for government exams has also approached government to fire their promotional pamphlet and would like to become sponsor for covering the police expenses.

Government is planning to roll out this scheme in the month of may as since then a new lot of jobless college graduate will join the club and the unemployment will be high.

whether this solution will work or not only time will tell but this seems to be a good alternative to firing pallet and tear gas.