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Police extort money at traffic signals using FIFA World Cup inspired vanishing spray

24, Jul 2014 By Mihir Shah

Like any sensible citizen, Pareshan Lawse was addicted to honking frivolously and rushing through puddles, splashing water on the pedestrians. He would go as far by shouting, “Daag achhe hote hai, aunty!” and guffawing to himself, on his distasteful joke.

The source of inspiration.
The source of inspiration.

On the ill-fated day, he was late for office, as usual. Seeing the red light at R.T. Chowk, he brought his bike to a halt. The moment he stopped, he could hear the whistles of a policeman who came rushing towards him, pulled out a bottle from his pocket and drew a white line, right behind his bike. Bemused by the proceedings, Pareshan asked, “Bhaisaab, kya hua?”

Woh line dikh rahi hai? Kaat di. Ab challan katega,” grinned the policeman.

“What kind of sorcery is this?!” Pareshan thought to himself.

“Do you have a license?” “Yes.” “P.U.C.?” “Yes.” “R.C.?” “Yes.” “Insurance Papers?” “Yes.” “Birth Certificate?” “What??” “Hai birth certificate?!” “Nahi.” “AAHHA!! 1000Rs. ka challan banega.”

After half an hour of argument, Pareshan finally gave in and handed over Rs 200 under the table.

Venting out his anger at our correspondent, he fumed, “Vanishing spray, seriously? Who would trust the authenticity of that?! They should at least install the goal-line technology at traffic signals, which would correctly indicate if one has actually crossed the line or not!”