Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Police arrest monkey for tearing national flag at ministry of environment

28, Nov 2013 By prakharkul

NewDelhi: Police have filed a charge sheet against monkey for tearing Indian national flag at Ministry of Environment (New Delhi) . According to the reports the flag was seen torn by an employee who was taking lunch under banyan’s tree at office.

At first instance, he co related with a possible terrorist attack and hence lost consciousness. Later when pedestrians took him to the hospital where he complained about the incident.

A FIR was lodged at Kamla nagar police station against unknown people. Since the matter was related to national security, police officials immediately took action and investigated the CCTV footage at office.

The results of investigation dipped policemen into a deep shock as a monkey was seen tearing Indian flag soon after it was hoisted in morning. As a part of normal procedure they arranged for a special arrest warrant made for animals hence arrested the monkey from a nearby park who was involved in mating with his partner at the time.

Sooner after his arrest the monkey started screeching to protest and thus attracted a large number of other monkeys from his gang but none could support him due to nature of his crime. during initial interrogation cops couldn’t understand his language and have thus asked for a translator probably a ‘madari’ or ‘ring master’. Many nationalist groups have demanded to attach NSA (national security act) against him in charge sheet as it would scare other animals and humans to repeat this kind of incident in future.

Famous bollywood actor Govinda from mumbai have called investigating officer to probe seriously into matter as Govinda’s acting is somewhere inspired from monkey’s expressions and hence he is much concerned about the incident, eventually the ‘bandar’ from film aankhein have also contacted Govinda to demand for impartial investigation.

Meanwhile, the animal right activist and former minister Ms. Meneka Gandhi couldn’t be contacted since her phone remained switched off but interestingly seen online on WhatsApp. On the other hand the DGP (kamala Nagar) Mr. Yo Yo honey Singh denied to respond anything about the matter but have assured us for fair investigation. hopefully due to nature of crime and threat to national security the trial would be done in a fast track court.