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PM's music skills with drums, flutes and sehani echo in TV studios

08, Sep 2014 By khakshar

The beating of Drums ,Nagada ,Dhol or Dholak by the Prime Minister in his visit to Japan has left a permanent mark in TV studios and minds of some in India. Sahid Kapoor , the talented actor seems to be the happiest. He does not stop humming the song “Nagada Nagada Nagada Baaja…” at drop of a hat.

People of a special kind likened the PM to “Nero” as he was playing the flute  in Japan when his neighborhood Isloo  was burning. The “Sehani and Imli” statement of the PM in  Teacher’s day address has also been critically analyzed in TV studios . A  politician of  “TV studio  people connect only” accused the PM of using  mouth watering “Imli” for winning the elections. He accused that the People had been lured to vote on basis of “Imli” shown by the PM. The main opposition Party is planning to ask it’s leaders to keep Imli up their sleeves while dealing with the public. Leaders like Digi, SangWe and Kiwari are the happiest as “Imli”  will serve double purpose in case of unwanted exigency. One more analysis is the offing.

Some Editors are on trail  of  Movie “Amar Akbar Anthony” . The character “Amar” enacted a scene where he was a Music Band , all by himself. It should not surprise the readers if some Anchor calls the PM “a single man Band Party” in near future. To be fair to the Anchors , many of the  Union Ministers  have been acting to add to the fuel that it’s one man Band Party. The name of the Movie  also seems apt for the Anchors to show their at Premium Secular Mindset.

The correspondent, felt that the notes raised by the Kids on Teachers Day was more musical to ears than the tones of the Dhols in TV studio.

Meanwhile a song is making a rerun  in central UP on Waking of a Prodigal son by sound of Dholak  . The song goes like ” Dhol Bajne Laga, Koi Jagne Laga , Koi laut ke aaya hai…