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PM's Japan visit to extradite Bullet Trains

27, Aug 2014 By khakshar

The Prime Minister’s upcoming visit to Japan may see negotiations on introduction of  Bullet Trains in India. Many in Media have highlighted two Industrialists as being part of PM entourage . The members of  a nascent Party are up in arms. “Vindicated we stand,”  they shout. These pair of Industrialists only will be allowed to operate the Bullet Trains, they allege.  “It is unprisedented, even the former President had less entourage.  Is it true that Mr. Modi’s  dream will be extradited by these two ? ” asked the spokesperson of the Party , known for his Spell Bee expertise. ” PPP in Railways means AAA that is Ambani-Adani Adda,h e further explained.

Later another leader explained in another Press Conference that the Spell Bee master meant “unprecedented and expedited” .

Meanwhile Mr. Laloo has said that “Bull-et Train” was his idea. He said he had plans  for Bull -Pulled Trains in parts of Bihar ,when he was the Railways Minister . “Where from the fodder of Bull-et Train come from ?” , he asked. Hearing his statement The doctors in Mumbai , where he is undergoing a health check up became sure  how  hay which is found in the Fodder has reached his brain.

Mamta Banerjee has accused the Central Government of neglecting “Ma Mati’r Mamta theke Manush” while even thinking of Bullet Trains. “Bullets are flying freely in Bengal today. Mr.Modi should have taken our bullet expert MPs to Japan.”  she roared. They can do both shoot from gun and shoot equally well from mouth , she explained.

It’s also learned that Congress will press more the Post of LOP as special demonstration of the Bullet Train will be arranged. It appears that Congress  does not want it’s perpetual Prodigal son to miss the free ride.

Meanwhile China has also started it’s campaign for getting the Indian Bullet Train contract. Recently  It’s armed forces in Laddakh’s Goldie Area came at the Line of Actual control to be explain the cost effectiveness of Lhasa- Sanghai bullet trains to our Indian soldiers on the stone walls on the border.

Chinese Bullet Train exhibition to make Indians aware about the Cost effective Bullet Train