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PMO system admin requests Modi to avoid taking high resolution pics & keep speeches short as server runs out of space

08, Jun 2015 By dasu

New Delhi. PMO system administrator Pradeep Kumar (name changed on request) has a new problem on his hand. The critical server hosting majority of the data linked to PM’s foreign trips and speeches now has only 5% disk space available as free.

Pradeep Kumar (in short PK) is worried how he will upload all pictures PM Modi would have taken in Bangladesh trip. He knows by his past experience most of the pictures including selfies taken by PM and his team are in high resolution mode. For everyone’s clarity PM usually gives nice and long speeches which helps everyone including all levels of students. Please note in a vast & diverse country like India we have students from premier institutions like IIT, IIMs to some of the not so lucky ones studying through IIN.

An employee trying to adjust extra files on the server
An employee trying to adjust extra files on the server

Faking news wanted to speak to Mr. PK to understand more about this problem. He agreed after we assured him that we will never use his real name. “we are the culprits as we did not estimate properly. Here we means me & my predecessor (I will not name him as mark of respect) who retired last december. Before his retirement, we did calculation for data used in the last 10 years (2004-2014). Out of 100 GB data allocated to us to host PM’s speeches and foreign trips only, only 3 GB was used during Dr. Singh’s 10 year period. Knowing Modiji and his penchant for detailing we increased it to 500 GB. It seems our estimation was wrong by a wide margin as we are running out of disk space within a year” Mr. PK said.

“I am not going to take any more chance and have asked for 5 TB of additional disk space. Looks like we will get approval only after PMO officials come back to India from their Bangladesh visit. For me biggest concern is server should not crash at any cost as this is linked to our country’s prestige. Last few weeks have been tough for me as I have to monitor the system 24 by 7 and delete unwanted files to keep it running”.

When faking news asked how he will manage all the data coming out of Bangladesh trip. Nervous looking PK told us “I just hope by mistake the photographer would have taken some photographs in low resolution mode. I have got clear instruction from PMO not to alter resolution of any of the photographs. Need to share it as it is given to me”.

“Regarding PM’s speeches I do not think I have anyone here who is good in English to shorten the speech content without destroying it’s core. I remember Vajpayeeji used to take long time to complete his speeches as he used to take lot of pauses in between, but Modiji speaks well and fast, so on paper when it is written becomes lengthy. Unlike Rahul G, Modiji is also not repetitive, hardly any scope to delete anything”.

Mr. PK is hoping everything gets sorted out fast as PM has plans to visit Israel soon which will be first ever visit by any Indian PM. He anticipates that trip will put lot of pressure on PMO server. He has marked 500 GB disk space for that trip alone.