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Planet of the Apes remake to be shot inside the Parliament complex

01, Aug 2014 By iyerman

Ram Gopal Verma, the erstwhile ace director has promised to remake the multimillion grosser Planet of the Apes.

In a trend setting venture, he would be shooting some of the scenes in a live action sequence in the Parliament house. The idea occurred to him after the news of monkey menace was doing rounds.


He said in a press conference, “The idea is to have 40 men dressed up as apes to scare the monkeys away. It is just brilliant! I mean, we have shown the world what our defense and para-military capabilities are. Moreover if I shoot them live, I will save a lot of effort too. This will be motion capture of a new kind.”

Meanwhile, the incident in itself is generating a lot of curiosity since it will be the first time men dressed in Ape vs Monkeys battle would unfold in the premises of the parliament.

The parliamentary affairs minister Mr. Venkiah Naidu has been reportedly ignoring the monkey menace thinking they are parliament members. After clarifications, he had proposed showcasing Planet of the Apes on large screens across parliament premises. The 3D projectors lying waste after the Modi rallies were proposed to be used for the same. But apparently Ram Gopal Verma endorsed the idea of 40 ape-men and was able to convince Mr. Naidu.

Earlier both Ram Gopal Verma and Sajid Khan were engaged in a battle to procure the rights for remaking the movie.

Sajid Khan apparently had a stock of some sexist jokes revolving around monkeys and he was keen to portray the same with a strong and effective story line.

But apparently RGV’s experience of making Jungle won him the rights. On being asked who would be starring in the big budget melodrama, RGV said he was keeping his options open. He said, Vivek Oberoi would be the obvious choice, but then he was contemplating a few other names too.

Mallika sherawat is all set to play the female lead in the movie. Given that it is Ram Gopal Verma movie the story line might be centered around underworld or spirits or both.

Meanwhile, the Vanar Sena from Karnataka is protesting against the eviction of the monkeys. They have written a letter to Modi asking him to refrain from driving the monkeys away which will destroy the heritage and culture of our nation.