Sunday, 18th February, 2018

Plan to guard environment by students

03, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It is really the students who can preserve the environment. The state government’s plan to provide every student with a chance for placing a sapling on the ground through its special drive commencing from tomorrow will certainly inculcate a sense of responsibility among the students towards the environmental conservation. This should not be limited to the government schools’ students only. The targets of planting 40 saplings by each school’s students will certainly a big task for the students. If it is properly maintained by the students, there is no doubt in spreading greenery all around. Through this wider campaign, as many as 1.59 lakh state govt schools with a strength of 1.52 crore students will be connected with a genuine cause.

In recent days the Madhya Pradesh government has set this objective. Will UP govt cross the MP government’s record? The participation of the private schools is also required in this right cause. They should also be made accountable towards the protection of the environment. There is a strong need for the private schools to connect with this green concept. Not only the plantation of the saplings will increase but also the message inherent in the drive will thus get immense approval.

The conservation of the environment is the pressing need of the society. We are living amidst dirty dumping sites. There is no end to dirtiness scattered around us. For fresh air, we move to and fro but unluckily there is no space available where we can inhale clean air. It is a fact that the forest department follows plantation drive every year but its every effort gets lost in absence of needful appropriate maintenance. The result remains turns out negative and the drive is repeated. The students should at least care of the tender saplings planted by their hands. It is only then the real aim of the drive will be realised.   Plan