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Pizza Hut introduces 'Dhoklizza'

20, May 2014 By rajeevist

Ahmedabad: Following the stupendous victory of Narendra Modi in the recent Lok Sabha elections, the well-known American restaurant chain Pizza Hut has introduced a new addition to their menu: ‘Dhoklizza’.

Acche din aa gaye hain.

As the name suggests, Dhoklizza is a combination of the Pizza and the Gujarati dish ‘Dhokla’. A Pizza Hut representative said this is the second time in recent weeks that Pizza Hut has successfully added an Indian ‘Twisht’ to an already excellent tasting dish.

Standing proudly in front of posters of the new dish, newly appointed Pizza Hut director for the south Asian region Mr. Mehta Patel, coincidentally a Gujarati himself, said this decision was made by himself, after a similar dish, the ‘Birizza’ (Biryani served with a pizza crust on top) proved to be a phenomenal hit among the youth across India. “We got great reviews for Birizza on Twitter and Zomato, it was a huge success.”, he said.

Interestingly, unlike the Birizza, in which the Indian Biryani is covered with the Italian Pizza crust, the Dhoklizza will feature a hot Gujarati Dhokla served sitting on top of an Italian Pizza crust. Mr. Patel urged that there was no specific reason behind this.

The pure vegetarian Dhoklizza is priced at Rs. 99.