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Pidilite announces cure to hair-fall

07, Jul 2012 By Khayali Bawarchi

Certain to bring a revolution with the product’s formal launch, Pidilite today announced that its team of researchers had found a cure to hair fall.

The team had been working intensively on the development of the product for the past three months since the Chairman of the Pidilite group, Mr. B.K. Parekh, reported extensive hair-fall problem. It is reported that he tried all the possible cures and remedies available in the market but to no avail.

“The new product from Pidilite is not very much different from its predecessors though,” said Mr. Parekh, “It sticks hair to your scalp and does not allow it to fall.”

It is reported that the product will be available in the form of a gel and contains extracts of Pidilite’s most popular product, Fevicol, which also give it its aforementioned characteristics.

“Lab-testing of the product has been performed and the results have been exhilarating,” said Prasoon Sharma, one of the senior members of the research team. While talking to our reporter, Khayali Bawarchi, he continuously pulled on his hair and chuckled on not finding any hair in his hands. It was later learnt that he was one of the first product testers.

“When we were approached by Mr. Parekh for the hair-fall solution, we looked at all the products and treatments already in the market,” Nikhil Sirdesai, another member of the lead research team said, “In the end it was all about out-of-the-box thinking. Everyone was trying to strengthen the roots of the hair, while we decided to stick them to their roots.”