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PG student writes application to get break for lunch, sets a revolution into motion

25, Oct 2014 By wazir

In a novel move, a PG student of this medical college set a new trend by writing an application to get an official lunch break.

The step was taken by the student when he constantly failed to complete his lunch for four consecutive days.

While talking to Faking News, the student claimed that missing lunch is a common practice among the PGs.

“After 4 days I thought it was too much. Some thing needed to be done. Eating lunch is our birth right. After all every body is doing it for the pappi paet. So I wrote an application to grant me leave for 10 minutes,” explained the jovial young doc, adding ” The Hod formally invited me to his room and ordered me to finish the job in 7½ minutes. I felt jubilant and wanted to cry.”

After this herculean effort, this bright young doc. has become talk of the town.

Another student applauded the move and congratulated his colleague for taking the bold step. “We normally sneak out stealthily and have lunch in attendants section of canteen lest the consultants see us.Most of the times we are unlucky to complete for registrar or some attendant call at the very moment. This trend can solve the problem once for all.”

Despite being optimistic about the concept , none of the students could come up with a strategy of repeating such an act every day. “It’s like the Cat & Rat story. We have a solution that could work but who will bell the HoD every day, remains the million dollar question,” quizzed a senior PG of the same college.

Surprisingly none of the students revealed their name for fear of reprisal from the authorities. Hod of the concerned department negated such claims. “They are free people and can eat any time they like, but any indiscipline won’t be tolerated within the duty hours,” he said, without specifying the duration of the duty.