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PETA official chased by a bull in middle of the road, now supports Jallikattu

17, Jan 2017 By RT

Chennai. A PETA official was chased away by a bull, in the middle of a road in Chennai, when he was walking back to his office after watching an afternoon movie. The official, once back to the safety of his office, immediately announced in his twitter page that he then supported Jallikattu.

People trying to control that mad bull
People trying to control that mad bull

The eye witnesses to the bizarre incident in one of the busy roads, described the chase and the aftermath. The man involved in the act, Mr. Petman, was not walking fast or slow and his walk was very normal. The bull was standing in the sides, chewing on something when Mr. Petman walked past the animal. If he continued his walk normally, nothing would have happened. But, he slowed down; went near the bull and patted on his shoulders. The bull sneered and pretended to attack him and chased him away.

Mr. Pitman last ran that fast only during his college days sports meet, it was revealed later. “I just wanted to pat on the back of the animal. I can’t be a PETA guy, if I walk past an animal without showing any ethical treatment or love. The bull obviously was not showing the love in reciprocation and definitely not ethical in trying to poke into my vitals with his sharp horns, it is horns isn’t it?”, the official told Faking News.

“I now categorically support Jallikattu. These animals are to be strongly hugged and controlled so that they know how to ethically treat humans, especially PETA people. Put a cap on those horns, I say and run those animals until they are tired and hug them to submission”, he further extended a few tips to the bull fighters of Jallikattu.

His Facebook wall, Twitter page and every other social media presence, now revealed of Mr. Petman’s support for Jallikattu. Meanwhile, it was found by Faking News that the bull in action wasn’t a raging bull and never been in any Jallikattu.