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Person upsets his colleagues by working in lunch hour

18, Aug 2013 By martin

In a truly shocking event, an employee of a major government firm was caught working at lunch hour. The news has spread like a wildfire and the suspected employee has gone underground.

Over motivated employee.
Over motivated employee.

As it’s a common norm in almost every government firms, that working in lunch hour is a taboo and people working at this hour are outcast. Shockingly when Mr. Mahto was going for taking a nap (oh! yes you heard that right) after having a heavy dose of daal chawal, he saw a co-worker working his ass off in completing a job.

Mahto was dumbstruck and rubbed his eyes again and again in case he is dreaming, but saw the same thing again. He approached the co-worker and asked the reason for the gruesome act he was performing. The answer was horrifying as he said that, ” The company pays me to work and hence I am working”. This reply removed the floor under Mahto’s feet. He tried to reason with the co-worker with “no-one-can-touch us-even-if-we-sleep-the-f******-whole-day” type dialogues but the co-worker was way too adamant as he ended up doing some extra unassigned work.

” The news is very disturbing and can have serious implications on our other workers. We will look into the matter and try finding the root cause of this serious drift in behavior”, said the Assistant General Manager of the dept.

Ms. Agarwal of the HR dept. have arranged a seminar named ” Need for Sleep” for all the non executives to make them aware about the importance of a power nap during and even before and after the lunch hour. ” A sound office sleep is very necessary to remain sane”, she said as she left for a two hour lunch break.

Even some of the ministers are worried with the event. They fear that this virus might spread to the parliament and they will have to actually work. ” We strongly condemn the anomaly shown by the worker. The matter should be thoroughly checked” , said a rotund M.P after eating almost the whole Parliament canteen.

The ED (Exec director) of the company comes up with a completely different perspective to justify the uproar caused by the workers. ” If a worker does his job religiously and even anticipates what else he should do, then we will exceed the demands and targets we currently have. Hence such behavior must be condemned.”

It is reported that the suspected worker has been transferred to mines where he will never be short of work.

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