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"Persecution of minorities makes me feel that Goan Inquisition is happening again in India right now" - Eminent Historian Sam Britto

22, Mar 2015 By manithan

Panaji: An eminent historian from Goa, Sam Britto, has commented that the recent attacks on Churches is a repeat of Goan Inquisition, which was originally an attack on minorities for two centuries.

We met Britto in his luxurious home here in the city today. After few exchanges on the traffic and health, we started with our interview.

Faking News Reporter (FNR): What are your views on the increasing attacks on minorities in India, especially Christians, ever since BJP won Lok Sabha elections?

Sam Britto (SB): Yes! It is depressing. I see the recent attacks on Christians as some kind of persecution. This persecution of minorities makes me feel that Goan Inquisition is happening again in India right now!

FNR: Is it Imposition?

SB: No. Inquisition. You people would have not heard it much. But it was one of the darkest period in the history of Goa. Hindu saints along with Hindu kings tortured, killed the minorities and converted them from Christianity & Islam to Hinduism. It started way back in 1560 and was finally abolished in 1812. They did not even leave the converted new Hindus – they even tried them for execution, blaming them of practicing their faiths in secrecy.

Britto showed up a pic from a RSS funded history book which had captioned this pic as
Britto showed us a pic from a RSS funded history book which had captioned this pic as “Wheel of Torture – Goan Inquisition”. He showed us another book from credible source, which had captioned the same pic as “Steam bath given to customers”. He then said, “This is how Hindutva groups are trying to rewrite the history, by showing medieval steam bath as a punishment.”.

FNR: That’s cruel!

SB: Very cruel! It was started by a Hindu saint called Sadhu Parasar Raaviyar. He got the permission from Hindu king who was ruling Goa back then and started torturing the locals here. Churches were not allowed to be built. One cannot carry cross, cannot pray to Holy Father, cannot read Bible. If they did so, they were punished using different forms of execution – by burning, by ripping them apart, etc. Not only this, they have constructed a temple for Raaviyar and is celebrating an annual festival commemorating his contributions to their religion.

FNR: That sent a shudder down my spine!

SB: That is why I’m worried about the way in which RSS, BJP and other Hindutva groups are going. Who will be this century’s Raaviyar? How much of attrocities will he inflict upon Christians here? Seems we will have a repeat of Goan Inquisition spread across India. High time, we Christians need to join hands and prevent another Inquisition from happening.

FNR: But we were never told of this Inquisition.

SB: How will Hindutva groups talk about a massacre they did in the past? They have even rewritten few history books and paid some foreign authors to lie about Goan Inquisition, which their religion did.

We then left the place with heavy heart, learning about how Hindutva groups have totally erased many portions of history from the common Indians.