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After performing several bike stunts during rainy season, corporate employee bags weekend job at local circus

14, Sep 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: An IT employee working at Hitec City has astonishingly bagged a job at a local circus, owing to his expertise in performing bike stunts learned during office commute.

Techies on their way to office these days
Techies on their way to office these days

This is the story of 27-year old Sushant who is a normal salaried employee like many of us, but with an extra-ordinary ability to see opportunity even in calamity. “During the summer, office journeys were boring. Used to reach home within 30 minutes with no chance of exploration during the commute. However, the rain gods listened to my prayers and gave me the opportunities to feel adventurous as the roads turned into water parks”, Sushant told Faking News.

When asked to elaborate more, he said, “The hidden patches on roads have helped me rediscover myself as they gave me shocks every time I went over those. With my body 2-inches above the seat, there were moments when I wasn’t sure if my testicles would be safe by the time I landed. Incidents like these helped me conquer fear”.

“I have learnt how to play mobile games while the bike is still running. Similarly, I can have a cup of tea, or lie down with my head on the backseat. Wherever there is water logging, I stand up like a king with hands on hips, and sit back gracefully after clearing the watery area”.

When asked about his new weekend job, Sushant said, “When I was performing feats on a rainy day, the circus troop saw me and got in touch with me. I was reluctant to take up the job full-time, but they offered me the weekend-only job. An offer I couldn’t refuse. Well, you can now see me in my 15-minute show ‘Dhoom 5’ during weekends at the circus.”

As per our sources, Sushant has inspired thousands of such corporate youth, who are now banking on circus job in the event of layoffs due to recession.