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Per km Martian travel ruse fails to convince rickshaw fare reduction

30, Sep 2014 By ongluchinglupinglu

Bangalore/Mumbai. With successful entry of India’s MOM (Mangalyaan) in the Martian orbit and all round joy of achieving almost the impossible in the first attempt of course not by so nascent a nation, many details of the mission success are being revealed through various sources on the internet and in the media and discussed here.

There has been intense discussion from the cheapest cost of putting together the mission to the distance travelled and the least of lead time to report vital information and statistics about red martian surface back to green Earth.

While all this appears to have gone well with the public in general including everyone from the might to sundry, the gradual hype of per unit cost of space travel has thrown the autorickshawallahs into a huddle. What with the cost of inter-planetary travel to Mars said to be lower than the cost of traveling within the city by an autoricshaw whether it is from suburban station in Mumbai or a travel from one cross road to other in Bengaluru city.

While the rickshawallahs foresee definite fears of a citizen backlash to lower costs of per km costs, the Mumbai rickshawallahs are said to be the least worried. What with their ilk among population making for the chunk of the votes in the city and with multi-cornered contest on avail who will dare to enforce a new schedule to reduce charges down, said Sambhaji Sule who shuttles his rickshaw in Ghatkopar and also is mantri of local Ricks Sena which has shakas around the suburbs of the metropolis.

The Bengaluru rickshaw owners do not seem to be at such an ease with the lost already being hit by some recent incidents of misbehavior of their overawing collegues from some rickshaw shuttlers already city rickshaw hiring business is a kind of going through a churn with commuters shifting to either city buses or even opting for their own vehicles. But some wisdom seems to be dawning to reason to retain the per kilometer rickshaw fares of borrowed from IIT+IIM techie who by chance was driven by the president of the apex association of rickshawallahs who was promised a free ride in case he suggested some innovative idea picked up from some of his software programming logic or management consultancy case study. He is said to have obliged the rickshawala for the free ride to get a commitment from the local government for smooth traffic and vehicle clear roads as was the condition for MOM Mangalyan which could help them save on fuel and time and the stress of driving in vehicle free traffic.