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People sitting behind PM on Yoga Day became famous, Govt to auction those places from next time

27, Jun 2015 By dasu

Seth Dhanilal is back to his village after attending yoga session with Modiji last Sunday. But he looks visibly upset and is not speaking to any of his friends or family members. Dhanilal who is conducting yoga session for last 40 years in his village gets upset if anyone talks about Kapalbhati or Suryanamaskar.

Dhanilal’s elder son Raddilal explained us why the senior Lal is upset. “He knew there will be live broadcast and the cameramen will definitely focus on Modiji. Saturday night he slept on Rajpath so that he gets the front row.  His interest was to showcase his skill rather than attending to some of the silly questions TV journalists were asking like how you feel after doing yoga, what do you like about yoga.”

Such pictures were published on newspapers, thus saving advertising money of those seated behind the PM.
Such pictures were published on newspapers, thus saving advertising money of those seated behind the PM.

Raddial added: “As soon as he entered village, everyone started asking where are you Sethji? We did not see you in TV. We also searched in the internet, in none of the photographs Papa was seen in spite of being on the front row, looks like he was not right behind Modiji.”

Raddilal questions the organizers: “This Government have not learnt anything from it’s past mistakes. Like last time after people complained why Modiji was wearing such a costly suit, they auctioned it. Now the people who came in the same frame with Modiji have become celebrities. One or two are from my hometown only. They have learnt yoga from my papa. We can  all see they were making so many mistakes. I felt Modiji was doing much better than them.”

“As people like me complain, the ministry of AYUSH is saying next time onwards they will auction the places. I feel the ones who will be close to Modiji immediately behind him will have maximum demand like 900 MHz in 2G spectrum. Little behind which comes in to frame when the yoga is performed in standing pose might be of little less demand like 1800/800 MHz band. I will bid for my Papa to get the place he deserves.”

On our query how much do you think government will get from this auction? Raddilal told us, “Difficult to comment now. Anybody could have imagined the suit Rahul Gandhi was estimating at 10 lakh will go for 4.31 crore in auction. It will depend on the mood in the country, PM’s stature one year from now, how much hype can be created for yoga day in advance. However my estimate is it might give enough corpus to cover the yoga day expenses which our opposition is complaining about!”